Happy UN Career Podcast / Episode 21

Interview with Dr. Akjemal Magtymova – a career of dedication and diplomacy

Happy UN Career Podcast / Episode 21

Episode 21 / 17 August 2021


I’m thrilled to share here an interview with my good friend, Dr. Akjemal Magtymova.

Akjemal is a national of Turkmenistan where she started her UN career in 1998 as a G5 programme assistant with UNFPA.

Today (in 2021) she serves with WHO as a D2, Head of Mission and Representative in Syria.

I asked Akjemal to come on the podcast because she’s had – and has – a very interesting career and I’m fascinated by her approach to work and life and how she, together with her family, has made decisions for her career over the years.

In the podcast she also shares her thoughts on mentorship and the importance of human relations, on passion in work – and much more.

Akjemal is used to being interviewed by newspapers and TV stations like Al Jazeera and BBC, so I’m honoured that she took the time to come on the show.

I always feel like I get an injection of UN pride when I talk to Akjemal and I think that in her reflections on her career there is something to take away for all of us.

And who knows? Maybe some of Akjemal’s reflections will inspire you in your own career?

If you’d like to know more about the work she and her team do in WHO in Syria, you can follow her LinkedIn profile.

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