Happy UN Career Podcast / Episode 24

Top Tips from UN Executive Coach – Interview with Christine Heyting

Happy UN Career Podcast / Episode 24

Episode 24 / 10 May 2022


I’m excited to share an interview with my mentor and former colleague in the UNDP, Ms Christine Heyting.

Christine is Australian and we met in 2013 when she worked with UNDP Headquarters in the area of performance management and leadership development. Since then, she’s been a regular contractor for various UN agencies doing missions on 4 continents.

Before that, she was an HR Director in the private sector for about 15 years.

I asked Christine to come on the podcast because I think that with her wealth of HR and leadership experience – combined with her experience from both inside and outside the UN – she has a unique perspective to share. And she’s also a lot of fun to talk to!

In the interview, Christine shares tips and advice from her extensive experience, including as an Executive Coach and Trainer in the UN.

Amongst other things, you’ll learn how to:

  • use the Circle of Influence for your career
  • deal with feeling stuck
  • create a network
  • contact a mentor
  • consider reverse mentoring, and
  • find out if you should move into consulting (and how to approach that)
  • – and much more!

Christine’s advice is hands-on and practical, so I really hope you will enjoy this interview as much as I did!

If there’s a piece of Christine’s wisdom that resonates with you, do take a moment to think it over and find a way to use it in your own career.

And if you enjoy this episode, please think about sharing it with a colleague or a friend in the UN who might be motivated or inspired by Christine’s tips and advice.

You can read more about Christine in her LinkedIn profile.

And this is the book she recommends: Elaine Biech: “The New Business of Consulting”