Happy UN Career Podcast / Episode 0

What’s the Happy UN Career Podcast All About?

Happy UN Career Podcast / Episode 0

Episode 0 / Sep 03, 2020


When I talk to people in the UN, they often tell me something along these lines:

“Working in the UN is a dream come true. I’m so proud to be here and to work for a cause that is close to my values and ideals. And I really enjoy and appreciate the multicultural environment. But…”

They may be feeling stuck somehow. Unfulfilled maybe. Sometimes underappreciated. Often overwhelmed with the workload.

There’s a feeling that they’re missing out on something.

I know that feeling because that was me too.

I worked with UNDP – in Human Resources – for 13 years, and I was proud too. And I loved to be part of this interesting and multi-faceted world.

But, I also often felt stuck in my career.

In the end, I left and started my own consulting business. But there are many things I wish I’d done – or done differently – while I was still with UNDP.

So, this podcast will have a lot of practical guidance and inspiration to help you create the UN Career you dream of.

Episodes will cover topics such as:

  • Grow your influence and your impact
  • Sharpen your goals and your focus
  • Improve and leverage your network, and
  • Raise your self-mastery

We’ll also explore how to improve important work relationships and create a balance between work and private life.

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Happy UN Career Podcast is hosted by me, Barbara K Andersen, Career Strategist for UN Professionals.

Take charge and have a great day!