Personal Effectiveness -Workshops


Would you like to boost your employees’ energy and focus? And help them with practical tools and tips that will assist them in getting a more effective work life?

A Personal Effectiveness Workshop can help you create:

  • More energy
  • A clearer focus
  • Better prioritization
  • Higher level of engagement
  • A common language in your organization around effectiveness issues. This will help your employees talk about and work with effectiveness issues (e.g. meeting culture, email culture, time stealers, etc.)

Motivational Sessions

Create value for your colleagues or members with a presentation or short workshop on personal effectiveness. A Motivational Session will help you and your colleagues find your own opportunities for increasing your focus and energy. This can be used as part of a membership event, end-of-the-day seminar for employees, etc.

Please contact me to hear about the possibilities for organizing a full-day workshop or motivational session that fits your needs.


There are no open workshops planned at this time.