Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is relevant in many situations, for example when you:

  • Have been newly appointed as leader or are new in a challenging job
  • Need to work through a challenging situation that cannot easily be shared with others
  • Would like to identify your core strengths and find how to best put them to use
  • Seem to have lost balance in your life and work
  • Have a need for a continuing support mechanism – for example if you do not have many peers you can confide in or trust with confidential problems

Executive Coaching can also be used as reflective tool to help you achieve professional growth.

Coaching will often take place in a series of three to five sessions of 90 minutes, but the duration will always be agreed upon as part of the first session. Sometimes one session is all that is needed.

Please contact me for more information and a discussion of your needs. I work according to the standards of EMCC.